Actually,Thai premier league is hot now!

What is Thailand's Premier League ...

タイ語ไทยพรีเมียร์ลีก英語Thai Premier League)は、タイ王国におけるサッカーリーグのトップディビジョン(1部リーグ)である。大会スポンサーであるトヨタ自動車(現地法人)の名を冠し、トヨタ・タイ・プレミアリーグとも呼ばれる。略称はタイ・リーグไทยลีกThai League)、またはTPL。(ウィキペディアより抜粋)

The Thai Premier League (Thai: ไทย พรีเมียร์ ลีก, English: Thai Premier League) is the top division of the football league in the Kingdom of Thailand (first division league). It is also called Toyota · Thailand · Premier League, bearing the name of Toyota Motor (local corporation) which is a convention sponsor. Abbreviated name is Thai / League (ไทย ลีก, Thai League), or TPL. (Extracted from Wikipedia)

It is one of the most popular leagues in Southeast Asia alongside Malaysia / Super League in Malaysia.

The history of Thailand's premium league was established by the Thai Football Association in 1996, and 18 teams belonging to the Koroyal Cup, which was its predecessor, have been named. There is a merger of the regional league and the premium league in 2007, and it is divided into five categories as of 2017.

Many Japanese players are enrolled in Thailand's Premier League

岩政大樹(現ファジアーノ岡山)をはじめ、茂庭照幸(現セレッソ大阪)、カレン・ロバート(現ソウル イーランドFC/韓国)など、元日本代表やJリーグトップクラスの選手がこぞって移籍したことで、一躍脚光を浴びたタイリーグ(※)。昨季(2014年シーズン)は、60人を超える日本人プレーヤーが、1部~3部の各クラブに所属し、活躍していた。(live door new記事より抜粋)
Former Japanese delegates such as former Japanese Tajiki (currently Faziano Okayama), Teruyuki Shigei (currently Cerezo Osaka), Karen Robert (currently Soul Eland FC / Korea), former Japanese delegates and J-League top class players all transferred, A tie league (*) which took a shot. Last season (2014 season), more than 60 Japanese players belonged to each club of 1 to 3 copies and was active. (Extracted from live door new article) 

タイの大衆向け英字新聞Bangkok Post の記事も発見したので載せておきます。
I also found an airticle on Bangkok Post which is the most polular newspaper by English in Thai.

From the article of Bangkok Post below

Football has been one of the most popular sports in Thailand, but tended to engage in European teams and English teams such as Manchester United and Liverpool, not local fans. However, the Thai Football Association started the Thailand Premier League in 1996, but the league's team is under the control of commercial banks, government agencies, or organizations such as state enterprises such as the Thai Kingdom Navy and Port Authority It was a play, so it was very restrictive. However, due to the merger of the regional leagues in 2007, it has gained popularity rapidly.

その結果、スポンサー契約などの投資が始まりました。タイ・プレミアリーグ・カンパニー(TPL)のオング・アージ・コシカー(Og-arj Kosinkar)氏は、タイのプレミアリーグの成功は世界中から注目を集めていると言いました。
As a result, investment such as sponsor contract started. Og-arj Kosinkar of Thailand Premier League Company (TPL) said that the success of Thailand's Premier League is attracting attention from all over the world.

In addition, he estimates that more than 3.5 billion baht of cash is distributed in Thailand's professional football league.

"The Thai premium league is getting stronger year by year," he said powerfully. 


(Bangkok Postの記事A league of their ownよりちゃいよー翻訳・要約)
(Bangkok Post's article “A league of their own” Chaiyo summary)

Football in Thailand is a national popular sports equivalent to Muay Thai. As well as entertainment, it will grow as one of the big businesses that will support the nation's economy in the future.
It is not so distant future that Thai national team and Japanese national team will be playing against each other in the World Cup.

(2017年3月5日 ちゃいよータイムズ)
(March 5, 2017, Chaiyo Times)